Our workshops will review the business aspects of book publishing, from establishing an editorial position and setting a mission statement to planning and organization. We will review copyright and discuss the acquisitions process, which will be followed by a thorough review of the use of the profit and loss statement (P&L) in the acquisitions process. Our quality workshops include the following topics:

  • Self-Publishing 101
  • The Business of Book Publishing
  • The Proposal – A Business Plan for a Book
  • Design and Software Workshops
  • Digital Media – Ebooks
  • Audiobook Publishing


Aspiring independent authors and publishers who possess that entrepreneurial spirit can tap into this $billion dollar industry. They can do so by participating in workshops on how to get in the game of publishing and win! Workshops can be conducted in various groups and REP will work with organizations, large and small, who want to bring the message of authoring and publishing to their community as well as the global marketplace.

At Rising Eagle Publishing, we believe your work is just that—your work. We believe that you should make the most money from your project. If you choose this option, you will retain all rights to your manuscript, PLUS we will assist you in retaining the highest royalties in the business from your sales. That’s the way it should be, and that’s the way we do business.