Publishing consultations vary from author to author as their needs are not always the same nor are they at the same stage of writing or completing their manuscript. The following points have been listed the stages in which REP work with authors:

• After reviewing your manuscript or chapter synopsis, and answering questions you have emailed to us, REP will be able to evaluate how many hours it will take to finish the completion of your manuscript into book form, and into the market place.

• REP works with website designers who specialize in Search Engine Optimization who can get your website to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

• Two things that seem to overwhelm and frustrate new authors over and over again are the rewriting and making corrections in their manuscripts. Patience is something all authors seem to be short on.


Digital Media – Ebooks!

Wrestling with the morass of standards, technologies, and “acronym soup” of the digital publishing world? Through our workshops, we will introduce a range of topics, provide examples and demos where possible, and then focus on your own contexts: how to take these technologies home and implement them effectively.

Specific topics include the following:

  • e-books: formats and production processes
  • e-readers and reader experience
  • digital rights management: pros and cons
  • marketing-oriented digital strategy
  • the role of social media in publishing today.


Are You Thinking of Becoming an Audiobook Publisher?

If you are already a publisher or author, this part is easy. As an author, you already have the rights to your book, provided you didn’t grant a publisher rights to the audio version of your book. If you are a print or ebook publisher, you may already have the rights to the audio edition or you can negotiate with the author for those rights.  REP will assist you in taking your story to the masses with audio books.