Manuscript Submissions

Remember, the most important step to get started is to submit your manuscript. REP accepts only complete manuscripts and proposals. You may email us to confirm receipt of materials. Authors may submit query letters via email to: If there is an interest from REP, you will be asked to submit package with manuscript.


All submissions should include the following:

• A cover letter which gives a brief description of the project and the contents of the package.

• An outline of the manuscript or project (fiction, non-fiction and/or children’s books)

• A resume or biography of the author (s).

• A copy of full manuscript — please retain your master document.

• Your contact information including address, telephone and email


Your manuscript will be reviewed for contracting options. REP can save you literally thousands of dollars on the cost of the printing of your book. We are looking forward to working with you.

For purchases, bookings, speaking engagements, publishing consulting or other services please contact us:



12138 Central Avenue, Suite 102

Mitchellville, MD 20721-1932


O – 800.828.9414

F – 800.828.9251

C – 301.806.8614



If you have a question or need more specific information, please call us or use the form below to e-mail us. We will respond to your request as soon as we can.